Inking Inspiration

Some Americans I know are a bit disgruntled by the stereotype of their populace as being totally and utterly crazy – but sometimes they just ask for it.

In the course of trawling through newspaper mentions of Gwyneth Lewis, I found an article from Wales on Sunday about an American who doesn’t really dispel the stereotype. Kasey, of Seattle, was thinking of travelling and looked Wales up on Google, found the image of the frontage of the Wales Millennium Centre which has Lewis’s poetry and was ‘blown away’. Instead of visiting the centre, Kasey got the poetry tattooed on her arm. I quote from Wales on Sunday:

“I just felt this huge connection with it […] I’ve never even been to Wales, let alone the Wales Millennium Centre, but there was something about it that just connected right with me.”

The tattoo took an hour and a half to complete, and was even more terrifying because Kasey “grew up knowing that my Uncle Junior had died from hepatitis after having a tattoo”.

Not strictly of any real use for my research – unless I decide to go down the whole ‘written on the body’ route. If you have a predilection for body art and are seeking ‘awen’ (ahem, inspiration) – see below.

WMC, Cardiff

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