‘plenty to think about’

I’m really getting my teeth into the concept of Anglo-Welsh poetry today, in part spurred on by the following:

‘If you define literature in terms of language only, then a Welshman who writes in English is an English author – which would give Americans, Australians, Scotsmen and West Indians plenty to think about.’
Gwyn Jones, The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse in English (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1977)

I’ve also made some very positive steps towards an interview with Lewis which would give me the valuable opportunity to bounce my ideas off her. As I said before, I’m conscious that I don’t want my research to be too heavily informed by her own opinions (which she articulates extremely well in a variety of outlets) – but the possibility of speaking with ‘your’ author is too good to pass up. I’m sure plenty of Shakespeare scholars have dreamt of a meeting.

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