Anglo- Anything

I’ve been taking a few days away from my desk since my mother is visiting. We went to Oxford to visit my future college (Wadham). This is mighty exciting since I’ve never been to a collegiate university before. The sheer number of tourists in Oxford would drive you to distraction, but I was pleased to see Wadham isn’t open to the public (although the porter let me in for a look round).

Wadham College, Oxford

On the way back we stopped in Stratford-upon-Avon (some playwright was born there or something…). I saw this on a narrow-boat in the canal basin there, which I’m taking as a sign I should get back to my critical musing.

Anglo-Welsh boat

I have difficulty with the term ‘Anglo-‘ anything, simply because Welsh being my first language I don’t feel ‘Anglo’ at all.

‘Welsh-Anglo’, maybe, more so than ‘Anglo-Welsh’?

Welsh-Anglo, perhaps. Yes, now that is a good and novel idea. But again, I’m not too worried about the context. The only thing I would insist on is being seen in multiple contexts.
[Gwyneth Lewis in interview with Alex Pryce, July 9th 2010]

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