Counting the small triumphs

There are plenty of websites offering to sell essays already written for you, but why is there not one offering personal dissertation training along the lines of those shouting encouragement in the gym? ‘Come on, 30 more words. You can do it’. Rick suggests the clue might be in the ‘personal’ part of the title.

So, the upshot of my supervision is that my introduction needs an overhaul – but I knew that already. Really, it makes more sense to write the introduction last, and it felt like pulling teeth, but I’m glad I had something done to break me in (even if it was a baptism of fire).

It isn’t all doom and gloom, thankfully. I have basically completed my first chapter tonight, with some proofing and preening tomorrow before I send it off to my supervisor for feedback (which I should get on friday). I am crossing my fingers that it will be better than my introduction – but it feels better regardless.

Finishing this chapter marks passing 1/3 of the word count – although obviously the introduction needs work. Still, I am sleeping a bit better at night. I am aware this manic word counting is akin to a dieter counting calories or a miser counting coins, but permit me my oddity.

6761 / 20000 words. 34% done!

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