My dissertation is now with the printing services people getting bound, and when I pick it up in 15 minutes it will be brought to the Postgrad English office and sent on its merry way to the markers.

It comes in neatly at 100 pages, discusses 1 poet over 4 collections, cites 80 secondary sources and has taken me 3 months to complete. It is something very near 20000 words. It looks like this when pasted into Wordle.

The Last Word

My conclusion is drafted and sent for comment, and my structural work on the other chapters has left me with 200 words to spare if the draft needs more work.

In some ways, the conclusion feels almost more exposed than the chapters since I’m effectively proposing what future research might take from my lead. That feels a bit uncomfortable in a ‘who am I to say that?’ kind of way. I’ve also spent a great deal of time on the last sentence when I noticed that the whole thing ended on the word ‘English’. There was really no other way to say what I meant, so I’ve added another sentence ending less controversially on ‘world’.

I’m getting very excited about seeing the work of my summer bound and handed in. There are 13 days until the deadline, but I’m not feeling under much pressure about that since I know even in a worst case scenario (barring death, apocalypse, etc.) I can meet the deadline.

19810 / 20000 words. 99% done!

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