My dissertation is now with the printing services people getting bound, and when I pick it up in 15 minutes it will be brought to the Postgrad English office and sent on its merry way to the markers.

It comes in neatly at 100 pages, discusses 1 poet over 4 collections, cites 80 secondary sources and has taken me 3 months to complete. It is something very near 20000 words. It looks like this when pasted into Wordle.

3 thoughts on “Done!

  1. congrats Alex. What an achievement. Hopefully one I will be able to boast of myself in 12 months.

    Did you use any footnoting software like endnote or anything? Or did you just brave it and us MS word for everything?

    What are the plans now? Is a PhD (DPhil) still on the cards?

    • I didn’t use any no. I was tempted by RefWorks – but I tried it for an essay earlier in the year and found it kind of unstable. I could be convinced though since I gave myself super bloodshot eyes working on footnotes all day once.

      DPhil is still on the agenda, yes. I’m going to catch up with some other freelance work this week, then I’m going back to Bangor for a few days and I move on October 1st. Scary stuff.

      Today I watched Come Dine With Me.

      Good luck for your MA – and congrats on your wedding. I saw the photos on Facebook and it looks like you had a great day!

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