Contemporary Canon = Anthologies?

So, I’m starting to settle into research here now, but not before dressing up for the matriculation ceremony.

Wadham Graduate Freshers 2010


Funny gowns aside, I’m doing some research training through the English Faculty and the Humanities Division, and I’ve agreed a deadline for my first bits of work with my supervisor. I’m starting by looking at female absence in Northern Irish poetry pre-1995, which allows me to look at the verse both literally in terms of the number of women publishing and how women were publishing and the themes of the canonical/anthologised verse. Pre-1995 work is a little out of my comfort zone, but it is still important.

I spent the weekend at the University of Leicester – my former home – at a PG Contemporary Women’s Writing Network event. I’ve just joined the steering group, so I can’t take any credit for the excellent ‘Theory and Practice in Women’s Writing Event’. The focus on feminist and queer theory combined with workshops on teaching and publication was a refreshing change from the usual conference panel structure.

The New Chapter (and thesis)

I’ve arrived in Oxford, and I’m settling in to life in the city and in my college, Wadham. My first week was a tumble of inductions and MCR events – but I’m preparing tonight for my first proper day of research tomorrow.


I’m spoiled here for the use of books since the Bodleian has copyright status and therefore has most of what I could ever desire. I haven’t found the correct door to enter this land of bibliophilic dreams, yet.

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