Lots of Poetry, Not So Much Research

I’ve had a pretty manic week which has meant I haven’t spent nearly as much time with my books as I should have done.

Last Wednesday I was at the student protest in London against a threefold increase in fees. I didn’t kick in any Tory windows – but I did see lots of good humoured students and lecturers making it quite clear how those in higher education feel about the proposals.

On Thursday I went back to Leicester to the launch of New Walk Magazine at the University of Leicester. I think it is a great venture; attempting to bring together lots of disparate strands of poetic composition. Issue 1 contains the interview I did with Gwyneth Lewis as part of my MA research, and my book review of A Hospital Odyssey.

Yesterday I was reading my own poetry as part of the Ladyfest Ten literature programme in London. Katy Price ingested a book and Sophie Mayer read some of her new project; a verse about an intersex teenager in an early 1980s seaside town.

Today, I am back to the anthology work – before yet another trip to London for poetry reading (courtesy of Magma this time).

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