Queer is.

This week is ‘Queer Week’ at Wadham College. This is, admittedly, one of the reasons I applied here. There are a great series of events ranging from film screenings, a capella concerts, seminars, discussions, sermons and even a mardi gras party.

I’ve been asked countless times by people (usually not in the Arts and humanities) what queer is. This isn’t an easy question to answer, so in a moment of frivolity I asked ‘Googlism’. Googlism gives a summary of what the search engine throws up about a term or name. The full results are here. Below are some of the best. I do not vouch for the accuracy of any of this.

queer is our national sport
queer is america?
queer is unaligned with any specific identity category
queer is something which does not allow itself to be easily defined and categorized
queer is a rich word for me
queer is a reality and i don’t feel so comfortable having my reality referred to as a prickly buzzword
queer is used throughout this site because of its inclusiveness and is in no way meant to be derogatory
queer is in itself a political act
queer is another one of those traditionally insulting labels which is being reclaimed by the communities to which it is addressed
queer is a proper noun now?
queer is used by some for its disruptive quality to challenge institutionalization
queer is its dynamic unlimited nature
queer is not a matter of specific sexual identities but of the world itself
queer is an innovative anthology that offers a materialist understanding of marginal sexualities
queer is becoming more acceptable
queer is when they are referring to gay people
queer is to reclaim it
queer is a dangerous thing to be
queer is much more than lgbt
queer is a social construction i am to deny my body and biology
queer is hot
queer is here
queer is ok
queer is queer
queer is dead
queer is back

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