Students Occupy Rad Cam – Do Not Read Books

Following from new English DPhil blogging friend, Sophie Duncan from Clamorous Voice, I should note that about 200 students today occupied the Radcliffe Camera (ie. the very photogenic bit of the Bodleian Library).

This was part of nationwide student protests against cuts to university funding, a drastic increase in tuition fees and the loss of Education Maintenance Allowance for sixth formers. It follows the massive London protest I was at on 10.11.10.

Rad Cam Occupied

Rad Cam Occupied

Rad Cam Occupied

Rad Cam Occupied

Rad Cam Occupied - Photo from Inside (not taken by me - available on twitter under hashtag #oxuncut

5 thoughts on “Students Occupy Rad Cam – Do Not Read Books

  1. Really glad to have stumbled upon your blog, as a fellow PhD’er writing a thesis on poetry:) Your topic is very interesting – although it’s not my particular area, I’m from Northern Ireland and always interested to hear new views on the poetry, especially on emerging writers. I’m not such a huge fan of Sinead Morrissey, but that could be more to do with the over-promotion of her work at QUB (where I took my undergrad) rather than the content!;)

    On another note, glad to see the student protests as well. I doubt there’s little they will achieve in the grand scheme of things but good to at least make a stand!

    I look forward to visiting your blog again.

    • Hi Maeve,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m from N.I. too (Bangor) – but I didn’t stick around for QUB since I was desperate to get out at 18. Morrissey would have been Writer in Residence when you were there (hence the promotion, I’d imagine) and Flynn was doing her PhD on Medbh McGuckian there then too. Small world, N.I. Poetry.

      The Irish have plenty to protest about now too – not least since the government has sold itself to George Osborne for £7bn!

      I’ll mosey on over to your place now…


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