I’m demonstrating a peculiarly British tendency this week since my work has been disrupted by snow. I had a meeting in Nottingham yesterday evening with the Theatre Writing Partnership (I’m on the board, not a theatre writer), and found it a fairly terrifying drive there and back. So bad that I stopped in Leicester, so I didn’t get back here until early afternoon. I missed a computer class on Endnote, which is really annoying.

My MA annotated dissertation was waiting in the post box when I got back. The examiner thought the latter two chapters were the strongest, which goes to show that I know nothing since I thought three was the weakest. I aim to take the research I’ve already done for this and make it into a journal article, but this term getting the thesis started must come first.

Last week ended with the Wadham graduate advisee dinner and this week with the college Christmas dinner. I feel like a turkey they are fattening up. I know they say Christmas comes earlier every year, but the 8 week terms here mean that the halls are already ringing manically with carols.

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