Thoughts on Evernote: ‘Remember Everything’

Evernote is software which has become invaluable to me in my academic writing (and much else). The company tagline ‘Remember Everything’ might indicate why. Basically Evernote remembers all the information that I trawl through at 1am. The name is annoyingly similar to Endnote.

It acts as a kind of interactive scrap book where I can simply drag and drop interesting web pages, text, journal articles and images and then catalogue according to my own preferences. This can then be accessed in the application on my MacBook, online from any computer – or even from my iPod Touch.

There are plenty of other tools to do this, I know. Endnote and Zotero allow you to add notes to your bibliographic references and Pages allows you to make a catalogue and library of journal articles. Dropbox syncs content from the designated space on my computer to the web. Evernote has really entered into my working practice though. I use it to save important web links, or notes about books I should follow up on, or photographs. I’ve even taken notes on my iPod during a meeting and you can tweet @ Evernote and it files it.

The other really useful aspect is for those annoying pdf scans of articles on databases where you can’t highlight or search the text. Evernote sends the pdf to their big computer and makes it readable, meaning I can then search within the application for the word and it highlights it.

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