Easy Read Book Holder

I asked for this for Christmas. This quite possibly reveals quite a lot about my character, although in my defense I also asked for DVDs and a Wii game. Ahem, and some books.

Easy Read Book Holder

It looks a bit like something designed to help people with no hands read, and I’m sure it is great for that (although I’m not sure how they’d set it up). For me, it is ideal for holding books of criticism at a comfortable reading angle, thus freeing my hands for making notes and stopping me holding the book open with a claw like arm and losing my page every time I take a sip of tea.

There are much prettier wood effect book holders, but this one is lighter and highly customizable. It will inevitably make librarians wince at the thought of tortured book bindings wailing in pain, so maybe leave it outside the rare books room.

A great buy at £14.95, although you never knew you needed one until now.

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