14, not x4

I’ve now been using Endnote for nearly three months, and I’m ashamed to report that I found it steadily more perplexing the more I used it. So, I signed up to a 3 hour computer class.

I have a certificate now… only the certificate says that it ‘does not imply any specific competence’ – which is just plain rude. I also know I’m using version 14, not version x4. It is just written as x4.

The classes seem very slick – there is a waiting area, a registration desk, pre-prepared booklets, nice computer teaching rooms and even a coffee machine in the reception. Other ones that might be of use to a first year DPhil at the managing long documents classes (ie. learn to manage it before it is too late) and the further Endnote classes.

I am still none the wiser as to Endnote makes referencing a single poem within a collection so difficult, or why it puts full stops at the end of my references when I still have to add the page number in manually. Baby steps, I suppose!

The class had more Mac than Windows users, although it was taught on Windows. Which goes to show that the number of Macs in education is seriously growing – I see them everywhere in the library now. They are wonderful and highly recommended, by the way.

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