Post S Day

Friday’s supervision went well. I still have lots of do, but I have clear direction about what needs done now before the deadline for material for transfer. Doing the research proposal in particular has helped clear my head a bit about direction. It seems that a thesis is all about knowing the road but also going off piste occasionally.

One thing strikes me about the relationship between student and supervisor – quite a lot seems to depends on the happiness of the supervisor. If he is happy, I am happy, if he is unhappy…

Some of the tasks coming out of the supervision are to add to my research proposal, write up my first chapter, submit a conference abstract and check up on a potentially sensitive aspect of my research. After I’ve done that, it’ll be time for another S Day.

4 thoughts on “Post S Day

  1. It is and it isn’t formal. In the meetings we deal with the notes I’ve brought – which usually fall into what I have done and plan to do under various headings (research, training, career, teaching, other, objectives and next meeting). We tend to head way off these too – so it is more like a structured chat than anything wearying formal.

    The dynamic depends very much on the pairing though – on personality, when it comes down to it.

    We (ie. English DPhils at Oxford) aren’t allowed to teach during the first year of the DPhil, then next term we have a training day called ‘Preparing for Learning and Teaching’ and after that you are added to a register of those available to teach and any college can approach you. This is a bit different to most places since undergraduate tutorials are managed by the colleges. I’m not guaranteed anything, but I’ll definitely be looking for something next year and the year after. There is also the chance to do a ‘Developing Learning and Teaching’ course which is over the course of a few months and gives you some accreditation.

  2. Interesting.

    I’m just trying to understand what sort of atmosphere I should expect for the future.

    I didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to teach in your first year – but I guess it makes sense. Are you looking forward to being able to teach next year? Are you fairly confident that one of the colleges will approach you?

  3. It is impossible to give any advice on supervisions – obviously there are certain things everyone needs to cover, but it depends on your personality and how they prefer to work. If you are lucky you’ll work well together – although I guess some people are unlucky too.

    Again, the teaching thing depends on the institution. I know in Leicester it was unlikely you’d get teaching in first year.

    I’m not over-confident – Oxford don’t do much contemporary poetry so it’ll be hard to find something. There are other unis though if you are willing to travel, and continuing education courses etc. I can teach creative writing too, which is a bonus.

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