Gnomes with cousins

I’ve finished The Anxiety of Influence, with a bit of relief because I need to be getting on with my writing sample. However, to prove how entertaining/bonkers/bewildering literary criticism at its best can be, here is a short excerpt.

The God of poets is not Apollo, who lives in the rhythm of recurrence, but the bald gnome Error, who lives at the back of a cave; and skulks forth only at irregular intervals, to feast upon the mighty dead, in the dark of the moon. Error’s little cousins, Swerve and Completion, never come into his cave, but they harbor dim memories of having been born there, and they live in the half-apprehension that they will rest at last by coming home to the cave to die.

Harold Bloom, The Anxiety of Influence, p. 78.

In other news, I’ve had an abstract accepted for the Oxford postgraduate conference, ‘The Famed and the Forgotten’, in June. I’ll be speaking female absence in Northern Irish poetry pre-1995, which was the subject I spent most of last term working on.


This is apparently the cover of a book about gnomes by Wil Huygen.

6 thoughts on “Gnomes with cousins

  1. hahahaha! I thought this was someone else’s blog when I first read it and my immediate reaction was to comment and tell them they should a) read your blog, and b) through your blog arrange to connect with you in some way because of shared interests.

    super fail.

  2. There is only one AP, Jonny!

    I hope I am the only person ever to do a google image search for ‘bald gnomes’. Frankly, the results were disappointing.

  3. A few years ago when I had the ‘flu I saw some children’s cartoons on the tv that had gnomes which were almost the same as those on the front of the book cover above.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Honestly, probably on average 3 full days a week (ie. 9.30-6) on reading and writing – some weeks less, some weeks more. The rest of the time is taken up with freelance work and all the admin stuff like emails, library requests, conference planning, attending faculty events etc.

    That said, I’m expecting that as time goes on I will end up doing more.

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