8th Week of Hilary

Today is the end of term here. These 8 week terms are seriously hard to get used to. I haven’t even considered when and for how long to go home for. Not that terms mean much for research students anyway. In fact, I’m sort of hoping that the lack of events will mean I’ll get more work done. I am now officially two terms into my thesis though…

The tail end of 8th week was taken up with re-working parts of my MA dissertation for an article. I’m returning today to theories of influence, looking this time at Gilbert and Gubar’s Madwoman in the Attic. Most of what I know about this text comes from the infamous Rivkin and Ryan critical theory anthology, which is to say nothing about their theory of the ‘anxiety of authorship’, and also raises some questions about extracts of theory!

I should add, since I know that my old friend Jonny has asked me about the workload of a PhD, that I don’t normally work on weekends. I’m pretty busy for the next week with choir rehearsals for a CD recording, so I’m just making up time.

5 thoughts on “8th Week of Hilary

  1. What a luxurious life you live. I’m currentl working every day!! Aghhhh! but, then again, I am techincally working full-time (31 hours per week) and completing an MA full time.

    And, what’s more, according to the link in this post I am a an anthology about Literary Theory!? Where did I go wrong?

  2. Haha! Sorry Jonny. My copy and pasting skills aren’t great, it seems.

    I worked all day for most of my MA, but a DPhil is longer term, and I seriously couldn’t sustain my interest for three years doing it 24/7! It is in my mind all the time, but I try to treat it like a job.

  3. This comment is not specifically related to this post – so sorry for clogging it up.

    I wanted to ask how you have created the MA and DPhil posts pages at the top so they automatically take you to that category. Is there a way of templating a page to do that? I’m confused….:-/

  4. They have been placed in categories, my dear. (As opposed to just tagged). This template through some magic or other then has them listed similar to a page.

    No wizardry on my part, honest.

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