The Source Hunt – What Google Can’t Tell You

5019 / 10000 words. 50% done!

I had hoped to be a little further on by this stage, but i was delayed by a niggling source issue.

When I’m arguing the case of influence, you’d think it would be a fairly simple case to find the source of certain allusiveness, but as I found out yesterday this isn’t always so – and for the first time it seemed that thinking outside of the box wasn’t delivering either. I Googled, I searched the texts available on Google Books, I searched JSTOR and a few other databases. I tried variable spellings. I consulted the books I have. I went to the library to consult the Complete poems. I Googled some more. I asked some knowledgeable friends.

I now have something close – although I’m still doubtful that I’m right. Very frustrating – but I think I need to let this one lie and get on with other things.

*Update* – My supervisor doesn’t know either. So clearly I’m not just totally incompetent.

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