‘Time off’ – A period when a PhD student waits for feedback.

So, something has been sent to my supervisor for feedback. For a short period yesterday I felt like my eyes had retreated into my skull – eye strain is no joke kids. Either way I’ve met the deadline I set myself and can look forward to receiving feedback on Tuesday.

10000 / 10000 words. 100% done!

I have practically a small compost heap worth of used tea bags in my bin. My bookshelves are out of order. I have red pen on my hands. I have some mild RSI (RSI *not* STI, thank you). I have only communicated with the outside world via Skype all week. I still think cous cous is instant food developed by higher life forms.

Now I can remove myself  from my laptop I shall go for coffee, get some food in (not cous cous), wash up the mug collection on my desk and otherwise recharge for a bit. Oh, and maybe go to the library… no?

6 thoughts on “‘Time off’ – A period when a PhD student waits for feedback.

  1. Congratulations! Hope that you enjoyed the weekend…and try to eat something else other than couscous…and above all catch up on some sleep!

    • Sleep catching up is not usually a problem, believe me!

      I’ll try to add some non-freeze dried food groups to my diet this week!

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