Thinking Conference-ward

Ms. The Plath Diaries has been posting about the wonderful world of academic conferences. She even has some useful tips on presentations, which I reccommend. This has reminded me, during my ‘holiday’, that I’m preparing a few conference related things in the next little while.

One is the paper I’m presenting at the Oxford English postgraduate conference, organised in part by Ms. Clamorous Voice. Most of the hard work has been done for this – although goodness knows what I’ll wear. I dislike fashion, if you weren’t aware.

Another thing I’ve been mulling around a bit is a plan for an abstract for another conference, which is due in before the end of April. The problem with this one is that it sounds good in three lines, but I’m not sure how to string it along for 20 minutes. In fact, I think the most important part of an abstract is not to suggest you will present on something you can’t/won’t/don’t actually want to present on. This is a no brainer, but sometimes I start on an abstract that flails wildly with some vague motion towards an obscure and wholly inappropriate conference theme. This generally happens on my down days, when my inbox seems to promise adulation at a sci fi conference in Nova Scotia.

Finally, I’m also working on the PG CWWN conference on ‘Time and Space in Contemporary Women’s Writing’. The deadline for abstracts for this is approaching – May 1st, by the way.

Really, however, the whole point of this post was to point excitedly at this song – ‘At the Academic Conference’.

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