The Deadline Cometh!

I’m now back on the side of the Irish Sea I need to be on to hand in the material for the transfer of status. Thanks to the crazy bank holiday situation the deadline is now next Tuesday, but in order to enjoy the crazy bank holiday situation I’m hoping to get it handed in on the Thursday before the crazy…

I deliberately didn’t look much at the draft after I received feedback last term, preferring easter eggs and my new PS3 to productivity. I’m glad I gave it some time to breathe, because getting back to it today has been entertaining. Yes, at one stage I made a ludicrous claim that all poetry is democratic because it all comes from the same (mysterious and unspecified) place. This is a hoot, but has been deleted. Phew.

So, the deadline cometh like a bogeyman stumbling upon the village that poetry and criticism co-habit in. [This is no stranger than the mad bit of The Anxiety of Influence].

Cometh the hour, cometh the feminist critic?

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