Ms. The Plath Diaries recently blogged a photo of her workspace at home, and, taking her lead I thought I’d share the environment I work in most days.

Workspace - Merifield

This is in my college room, so the furniture is fairly generic. The sun hits my back in the morning and I burn the midnight oil with a desk lamp and sometimes a Sun Jar. In pride of place on the desk is my Macbook Pro which makes my working life pretty sweet. I must post again on how I love my MBP…

When I’m making notes, like I am today, I work in a spiral bound notebook with the text held up by my book holder. The pile of books on the right of the desk are library books – set there to remind me to read and return in a timely fashion. The pile of papers on the left are generally ongoing work or papers I haven’t filed yet. I keep my pens in a mug I love dearly but broke the handle off. A cup of tea, in varying states of fullness, is ever present.

Up on the shelves are the books I have with me at university for some reason or another. The lower shelf is my Irish poetry section – including my primary texts. On the second shelf I keep my other poetry books and some key texts on women’s poetry. Up at the top are poetry magazines, novels and other books that for some reason or another remain with me although they have no relevance to my current work. In front of those books are postcards friends have sent me – the most recent came from Morocco a few weeks ago.

I work from home most days, except for occasional bouts in the library. Sometimes I read literary texts in bed too – although I prefer not to bring critics under my covers!

I’d like to see your workspaces, other academic bloggers!

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