A Pictorial Interlude

I’ve mainly been doing transfer of status preparation so far this week. I have started biting my nails again. The two things may be connected.

As far as escapism goes, I did panic buy a number of Attic Press titles. I heard about Attic Press, one of Ireland’s second wave feminist publishing houses, at an event earlier in the year. They published some texts about Northern Ireland and a few poetry collections too. Since many of the texts are hard to get hold of now – even the Bodleian doesn’t have many since they were published in Dublin – I thought I’d bolster my personal library with some second hand.

One of the texts is Women in Focus: Contemporary Irish Women’s Lives (1987) edited by Pat Murphy and Nell McCafferty. This is a book of photographs, which makes a pleasant change from the usual books I read for research. I find how masculinity and femininity are presented in these photographs really interesting. No copyright infringement is intended, and the quality isn’t great since I scanned them in.

I’ve blogged other photographs like this before.

Documenting Irish Feminisms: The Second Wave (2005) edited by Linda Connolly and Tina O’Toole also has some great photography, including copies of feminist movement ephemera.

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