Time marches on, as ever. I’m fairly certain that time goes quicker when you are a PhD student though. Term here is nearly over and I always feel like I’m only half begun.

Last week was the transfer of status interview, and unlike Sophie and another Victorianist first year, I wasn’t told my result in the interview. This seems to be one of the wild discrepancies taken as normal here. This is pretty frustrating since I’m now still in the limbo between forging ahead and re-considering my whole purpose in life.

June used to be my favourite month since it meant yawning days and the end of school. This one is shaping up to be busy on a number of fronts. I’ll be visiting Hull next week to do some admin for my September conference, after that I have a supervision and then the Oxford postgrad conference. Then I’ll be in Brighton for a few days break and a friend is visiting for another few days the week after that. Add to that schedule a fairly substantial book review due by the start of July, my birthday and a magazine launch. Who says a PhD is a life of solitude?

2 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. I’m really sorry you haven’t been told yet; I’m sure you will be (and, like I said about Simon, email if you don’t hear for a while) soon, and that you’ll have passed. However: I’m assuming the “reconsidering whole purpose in life” isn’t what you’d actually do, or at least do for long – a lot of the best people submitting now/soon did transfer twice. I basically spent all of MT and HT preparing myself to do the same. Who was the other Victorianist?

  2. Yes, I’m exaggerating. It isn’t a massive problem if I have to resubmit it is just a necessary inconvenience really.

    My sup says it is a personal preference thing whether they tell you there or not – although they are told not to.

    Camilla was told her result too. We had coffee earlier this week. She guesses she probably had the same lead assessor as you?

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