‘an end-of-the-line sense of freedom’

I’m in the middle of one of my busiest weeks for a while.

I was in Hull yesterday for a meeting with the PG CWWN steering group. We had a tour of the venue for our September conference, and sifted the abstracts into panels over lunch. We also had a gossip and a catch up, as ever.

Larkin quote in Hull station

Larkin quote in Hull station

I had a supervision this morning – my first of this term – and we discussed various aspects of both the work I’ve done and the work I’m planning on doing. I’m losing my voice though, and my tonsils were not amused at the rate of discussion. Still nothing on the transfer of status results, though.

I’ve also done some final prep on my conference paper for tomorrow’s Oxford graduate conference. I’m looking forward to the event, but I’m really hoping my voice holds out for the 20 minute paper.

On Saturday I’m heading to Brighton for three days, which will be a welcome break and will give me some freedom from my commitments for a few days. Naturally I’ve already looked up literary landmarks to look out for. I’ll hopefully visit some Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West related addresses and the only AIDS memorial in the UK. I watched Brighton Rock (the 1947 one) last weekend too – which is a fantastic movie, and I’ll see some (less highbrow) sights from Sugar Rush!

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