My birthday celebrations are well and truly over, with a bump back to reality and a manic inbox this morning. On another birthday related note, though, today is the first birthday of More Books, Please. Look how big she is growing!

On Friday, in between eating cake and opening presents, I was at the English graduate conference to give my paper on female absence in Northern Irish poetry pre-1995. There were many other papers too. I particularly enjoyed Stuck In A Book blogger Simon on middlebrow, and papers on JD Salinger and Long Meg. Thanks to Sophie and the rest of the conference committee for a great day and an excellent lunch!

One of my gifts was an Amazon Kindle, which I’m reserving judgement on until I’ve used it a bit more. So far I’m finding the electronic ink effect to be very convincing. I’ve downloaded Emma Donoghue’s Room and Wena Poon’s Alex Y Robert to test it.

I spent a relaxing long weekend in Brighton and managed to combine a little bit of culture with a restrained amount of amusement arcades. I got to see the only AIDS memorial in the UK (see below) and I had way too much to eat. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some more of this thesis business!

'Tay' - AIDS memorial

Looking for France

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