My boring holiday snaps ’11

I didn’t actually mention it before, but I spent last week on the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. I’ll admit that I miss the long two/three month breaks of the undergraduate summer, so this was a way of enforcing some rest in my (seemingly) orderless research. The views from Ravello and Capri were stunning and reading by the pool was just the ticket for my frazzled thesis brain. The shops mainly sold souvenirs – which is a good thing since I am due to pay my first month’s rent on a new flat next week (more of which anon).

Just a small spot of usual literary tourism. Ravello was where D.H. Lawrence wrote Lady Chatterley’s Lover (commemorated by a plaque) and also a holiday destination for Graham Greene, Virginia Woolf, Tennessee Williams and Paul Valery. Capri has plenty of history in that way too – foremost in my mind as the place that Oscar Wilde met Lord Alfred Douglas again after his time in jail.

View from Ravello over Minori

D.H. Lawrence plaque

Some wares...

View down to the sea in Minori

Malfi fountain in Amalfi

View of the Bay of Naples from Anacapri

One thought on “My boring holiday snaps ’11

  1. Apologies for being such a neglectful blog friend Alex! Just been catching up with your adventures, it looks like you’re having a lovely summer! I love the holiday snaps! 🙂 Ravello looks gorgeous! 🙂

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