Chain Reaction

It is funny how things seem to come round full circle sometimes. I received an invitation to attend a reunion for the Ignite! Creative Sparks scheme which I can credit with not only providing the funds to help me start up PoetCasting, but also really fostering my fledgling interest in poetry as a teenager. I hardly feel old enough to attend any such reunion, but it has indeed been 6 years since I met the group and started down this whole poetry path.

As a condition of my funding I kept receipts and notes, which I tried to down size considerably before my move across town. In the receipt pile I found the Amazon invoice for The Full Indian Rope Trick by Colette Bryce which has gone on to become one of my primary texts for my DPhil. It looks an unassuming piece of paper, but for me that invoice has been the start of so much more.

Rick Hall, the Director of Programmes at Ignite!, has an exercise I’ve seen him deliver many times now. He gives groups a box of random materials and tells them to think creatively to make connections between the objects to produce a chain reaction. Every time the groups come up with new ways to pop a balloon or raise a ball in the air. For me, the chain started with a pile of poetry books and Ignite! – but who knows what other links are still to be put in the chain and where it will end.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on September 11th the Richard Attenborough Centre in Leicester. Of course, the venue is another poignant link in the chain for since the RAC is part of the University of Leicester’s Arts portfolio – and I used to live just down the road.

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