Happy National Poetry Day!

Term is here! And so begins the second year of my DPhil.

This is currently 0th week, so there is no undergraduate teaching going on and the freshers are settling in. For me, though, this has been my busiest week work wise for a while. A stray email (gremlins in the pipes? leaves on the line?) meant I only received confirmation of a supervision 24 hours before it was due to happen. This meant I spent that 24 hours scrabbling together bits of writing to show him, and making notes about everything I wanted to cover. It feels good to have some solid aims down so early in the term.

My supervisor has retired from college teaching, but he is keeping on his graduate students (thankfully). It does mean that his lovely college room with wall to wall books and a red sofa has been vacated, so for the first time I had my supervision in a room in the English Faculty building which is a monstrous modernist building (see below).

I also met my graduate mentees for the first time today. They are all incoming DPhil students working in modern literature. The lunch was slightly disconcerting – like being back at school and realising you are now a year older and there are younger pupils.

I have lots of other little projects getting underway this term too – including organising a symposium, a course for a summer school, university taster seminars for school students and an edited collection…

For now, Happy National Poetry Day!

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