A Journey with Two Publications

The Canadian literary critic Marshall McLuhan once said that ‘Publication is a self-invasion of privacy’. The more common dictum is ‘Publish or Perish’ in a world where we post our thoughts and feelings on social networks, where people actually blog about their thesis, and where academic posts are highly sought after. I need only refer you to a recent PHD Comics strip for evidence of that one.

And so, I’m pleased that this month I have not one but two publications launching. That means my neck is off the block for now, right?

The first is a feature on Gwyneth Lewis and science which I adapted from parts of my MA research earlier this year. I’m pleased that it is appearing in Poetry Wales, a publication I used extensively in my MA research. Much to my bemusement, my name is on the cover too…

The second recent publication is somewhere between a book review and feature on Irish poet Eavan Boland’s prose, focusing on her recently published A Journey with Two Maps: Becoming a Woman Poet. I’m quite enthusiastic about Boland’s prose overall, mainly because so many of her arguments in her first essay collection, Object Lessons have become central to thinking about Irish women’s poetry. My thoughts on A Journey with Two Maps are in issue 70 of Poetry London, which I was at the launch of last night.

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