Wednesday Apathy

This term’s big milestone has been to write up a full chapter draft, and today I sent it to my supervisor. There is something quite satisfying about scrolling down through a 75 page document and knowing a few months ago it wouldn’t have been possible to produce that work. The process this term has taught me quite a few things about the ways I work best and the small things that slow me down considerably.

The big change I made in more recent weeks has been to reduce the amount of time I give to my freelance work. Turns out, the world doesn’t end if I ignore an email for a few hours.

I set myself daily word targets, and kept almost fanatical record of my progress both during the working day and day-by-day. This worked well for me as a measure of my progress and a measure of my laziness. I get most done between 11 and 4, so those times are important for me to focus and not allow myself to be distracted by other work. On Mondays, I am quick out of the gate and gets lots done, but by Wednesday I am lagging. Simple changes to my working pattern – for example working from a library that day – beat my mid-week apathy.


Any finally, as is tradition here at More Books, Please, here is my post-hand in Wordle.


One thought on “Wednesday Apathy

  1. I am jealous of your Start of Day wordcount. Perhaps you could do one of these for me for my dissertation? You write the words, and I’ll count them.

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