The summer has ended, and I am not yet saved (or much further on with my thesis)

I haven’t blogged for a long time now, sorry about that to my regular readers and subscribers. As term swings into view, I’m hoping to post more regularly.

I will be posting regularly, although not necessarily here. I’m going to be part of a team of bloggers for the Strange Bedfellows project,  a new initiative run by PhD students at the universities of York and Hull and supported by the University of York. The project seeks to engage with how creativity and critical analysis meet in the age of austerity. I’m very excited to be involved, and readers will know that I’ve blogged in the past about these themes. I’m part of a team of 11 bloggers, with interests which span film, music, fiction, poetry, publishing, art, archeology and philosophy. It should be an interesting collaboration!

Over the summer, I’ve taught at a two week social enterprise summer school, been awarded a scholarship for academic excellence, worked on a collaborative funding proposal, prepared for my teaching in Michaelmas, planned my thesis work to completion, attended an interdisciplinary Sylvia Plath Masterclass, written a journal article, and a book review, and two conference papers, attended one conference, been on holiday to Italy and Cyprus, moved house, and continued working on the Great Writers Inspire project. I’m about ready for a break.

What do you mean term is starting?

My ‘Introduction to Literary Studies’ class

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