Snag List

It has been over a month since my last post, and even that was brief. This hints that I’m rather busy, although I have blogged three whole times over at Strange Bedfellows, so it is more a case of neglect on this side.

The thing that I’ve been busiest with in the past three weeks is getting a more advanced draft of my first chapter to my supervisor (I should add this isn’t the first draft of a first chapter, it is a later draft of the chapter which will come first). It needed restructuring, some re-ordering, more links made to the rest of the thesis shape, and I’ve supplemented all that with some surprisingly (for me) high theory. It has Derrida in the first paragraph. Serious stuff, you know. That chapter was sent off for feedback today, and the whole process starts again with chapter two soon. Once I catch up with the other things I’ve been ignoring lately (including work stuff, exercise, leaving the house and washing dishes).

The graduate community in my college have just received a very nice new graduate centre. It is very nice. Like multi-million-pound nice. It feels like a real privilege to have access to such amazing facilities. Access, this week, has been something of a problem though. The card readers which lock the doors weren’t working yet, so instead of 24/7 access it has been locked at night for security. This is top of the builders’s snag list.

Yes, snag list, a term for all the odds and ends that need fixing before the builders hang up their hard hats. I’ve taken quite a liking to the term, since it quite succinctly sums up all the tidying up that needs to be done to a thesis in your third year. Some snags are bigger than others – like, faulty door locks and major theoretical misunderstanding. Others are more minor, like a paint job, or making paragraph links more sensible. There are plenty more snags to be encountered in the coming months, but as long as I don’t have to completely relay the foundations I think I’ll make it.

And now, some pictures of said graduate centre (via Wadham Alumni on Flickr).

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