Collaboration and digital engagement

C21 Scholar logoI’m now able to blog ‘officially’ about a new collaborative skills development project I have been working on for many months. I’ve referred to it a few times on this blog, but, when the application went to the AHRC in September I didn’t want to tempt fate by talking about it. When we received funding I didn’t want to shout about it until there was something to show. Now, there is something to show so I should just get on with it.

The C21 Scholar: Digital Engagement in the Arts and Humanities is my new pet project. Developed and managed by a collaborative team of like-minded postgraduate and early career researchers, this project will help others like us to explore how we can use the internet to communicate our research in engaging ways with the wider world.

Registration is now open for our first event which will be held here in Oxford in June. ‘Transforming Postgraduate Research: Engaging with the Digital World’ is a one day training event with keynotes from Professor Martin Weller and Professor Sarah Churchwell, as well as interactive workshops and examples of best practice from across the sector.

Our website will also form a hub for resources relating to digital humanities, and since I built it, I think it is well worth a visit!

c21 scholar website

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